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    This Pea Milk Is The Most Delicious Plant Based Milk I’ve Ever Sipped.

    This Pea Milk Is The Most Delicious Plant Based Milk I’ve Ever Sipped.

    Just like all of the stories we write, recipes we share and the bond we have created by serving naturally delicious pea milk with your health in mind, it’s a total treat to see all of your positive reviews and experiences with our products. That’s why we love hearing all the delicious and meaningful messages when they consume Snappea.

    Consider their testimonials a bit of an inspiration and if you’d love to share your favourite experience with Snappea, do share it with us!

    “Switched from almond milk to this” 

    “I’ve been looking for non-dairy milk and so glad that I found Snappea! The chocolate pea milk is rich, less sugar but tastes so good at the same time! Couldn’t find another chocolate milk like this. Low calories, High protein, absolutely fulfil all my needs at once. I switched from almond milk to this. Craving satisfied with healthy ingredients. Thumbs up”

    —Chin Yong Tan



    “It taste better than normal milk” 

    “ Many people might think plant based milk might lack a lot of things but they’re absolutely wrong. Trust me when I say, try this and you’ll know it’s not lacking in anything. If you ask me, it taste better than normal milk” 

    —Judy Choi



    “Happy to have found a more environmentally friendly option”


    Got the trio of different flavours and I’m pleasantly surprised at how creamy the milk is, which means it’ll pair perfectly with coffee and smoothies! Safe to say I’m happy to have found a more environmentally friendly option for soy milk after so long. I even love the branding, packaging and overall nutritional value. Will continue supporting Snappea for sure.

    —Nia Leah



    “It goes with just about everything”
    I was a gung ho almond milk lover till i discovered Snappea! Higher protein content, delicious and it goes with just about everything really! fav is the chocolate flavor (excellent for that post workout smoothies) and unsweetened (goes really well with coffee trust me on this!)



    “I have an extra step of energy.”
    The first ever Snappea that I’ve tried was Simply Unsweetened. The first sip was an interesting one, the flavour was new to my taste buds and surprisingly didn’t taste like the green peas that first came into my mind when I saw the word ‘pea’ milk. Ever since then, I’d always crave the unique yet good flavour of pea milk that I can’t get from any other plant based milk. It tastes great, and it feels like I have an extra step of energy in the morning, whether I’m heading off to bright and early day or going straight to the office!

    Snappea is now my #1 go to plant based milk all time!
    —Xin Ning Ong 


    “Helps me hit my protein count as an athlete”
    One of the best plant based milks I have had so far. Tastes amazing.. helps me hit my protein count as an athlete and I actually enjoy drinking it chilled straight as it is. It also goes well with nearly everything.
    —Colleen Augustin

    “ I used Snappea in many recipes”
    A great vegan alternative to dairy milk without artificial sugar, gluten, egg, soy and it’s very friendly to the environment! Snappea is also very versatile, I used Snappea in many recipes including baking, cooking and even to make vegan mayonnaise. Keep up the good work!
    —Yeehuan Gan