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    Snappea Variety Flavours Plant-Based Pea Milk - 3 x 1 Litre Combo Pack

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  • Description
  • Expiry Date: 9/2023

    Can't decide which flavours of Snappea?

    Try them all with our variety flavour box! Put off by bland, watery nut milks, we set out to make the dream dairy-free drink we’ve always wanted to see on the shelves. Turns out, peas were the answer all along! Velvety, all-natural, and as wholesome as they come – this is our labor of love to you.


    • 10g Plant-based Protein 

      170mg Plant-based Calcium 

       0% Cholesterol

        Soy Free 

      • FAQ
      • What is Snappea?

        ▪ Snappea is made from the cleanest non-GMO Canadian Peas 🇨🇦, which are rich in protein and have 0% cholesterol. 

        Is Snappea Halal?

        ▪ Yes! We are Halal Certified. Feel free to reach out to us to know more. 

        Can kids consume Snappea? 

        ▪ Of course and we think they will like them 😉 (except for Boldly Coffee as it contains caffeine) 

        Can pregnant individuals take Snappea?

        ▪ Yes, pregnant ladies do need more protein to fuel their pregnancy bodies. Snappea also contains high protein and calcium that are important nutrients in pregnant individuals’ diet. But if they do have any underlying issues, it is safer to consult a doctor.

        What is the expected taste of Snappea Pea Milk?

        ▪ Pea milk has a similar taste to Soy milk, but the bean flavour is not as strong as soy.

        How is Snappea compared to other plant-based milk eg. almond milk, coconut milk and oat milk?

        Lack of protein & not enough nutrients, does it sound like the plant-based milk that you normally see on the shelves?  Hence, we created something better: Snappea! A dairy-free plant-based pea milk with higher protein than cow’s milk and comes with 170mg of plant-based calcium per cup.



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