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    Us Vs Other Milk



    Authentic and plant-based ingredients only! Say hello to animal-FREE zone.

    High Protein

    Every cup of Snappea packs a plant-based protein punch at:

    • 10x more than Almond Milk

    • 20% more than Dairy Milk.

    Peas win!

    Plant-Based Calcium

    Think dairy is your only source of calcium? Not really! Each cup of Snappea is made with all natural & able to provide your body with 170mg of plant-based calcium.


    Going dairy-free free is a pursuit we’re proud to join you on. Enjoy the nutrients and great taste of milk without dairy and lactose.


    Gluten may only affect 1% of the world’s population. But at Snappea, we don’t discriminate and we are completely gluten-free.


    Need some plant-based protein but allergic to soy? We ‘pea’live you just got a better soy-free option with Snappea!


    Unlike soy, which 90% of the produce are GMO, our plant-based milk is made from 100% non-GMO Canadian peas.